Hard Rain

Starring: Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Minnie Driver

This film is about people who are incredibly bad shots. There are good guys, and bad guys, and guys who you think are good until they undergo rapid personality transplants and turn out to be bad. There is also the bad guy who turns out to not be so bad after all too. Whatever their differences in moral fortitude, however, all characters are united by the fact that they are all incapable of hitting their targets with firearms. The result is endless shootout scenes.

I almost forget the main point of the film- it’s raining really hard and the dam is about to burst in this small midwestern town. The drivers of an armored car carrying lots of money become stranded in this town. Tom the driver (Christian Slater) decides that he’s going to defend the money with all his might. Some bad guys decide they’re going to steal the money. Luckily, all the citizens who have not been evacuated keep boats floating outside of their windows, which results in many boat chases, and lots of wasted ammunition. Tom meets Karen, (Minnie Driver) an art restorer, and they of course hit it off, each rescuing the other from drowning. This always makes sparks fly in movies.

This combines many cheesy elements- Good vs. Bad, Natural Disasters, Triumph over Adversity- the works.

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