The Avengers

Starring: Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes

This is one Baby Boomer nostalgia tv show that sort of made the jump to moviedom fairly OK. I admit I found this movie really amusing at times. I was never a huge fan of the original series, however, so I probably missed a lot. Uma Thurman actually fakes an English accent pretty well. The understated wittiness was funny up until it started getting irritating, and the plot was occasionally interesting. However, the plot ended up getting in the way of what the main point of the film was-to poke fun at the original tv series. This was a noble effort, I guess.

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  1. Adinda says:

    Cordelia4219 / Yes, but WHY did her Eat Pray Love book become a mega innrneatiotal bestseller??? Because it was an exercise in supreme narcissism and verbosity with very little to offer. It was, at its core, empty. Inward looking/seeking. Just like she’s talking way too much here on the stage. I think she and that book reflect the void in a lot of people’s lives today. A huge spiritual and moral emptiness that is America now, caused by the Bush years and other factors. The title was brilliant.

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