The Poseidon Adventure

I must admit it, I think Irwin Allen is a genius! I LOVE disaster flicks, and I can’t get Airport ’77 anywhere in my town!

Anyway, the Poseidon Adventure happens when the crew of the Poseidon stare at the radar screen of the ship saying things like “There’s a wall of water coming towards us!” “It must be huge!” Then, without warning, a giant wave smashes the ship, causing it to flip over.

A band of ragged survivors (as any good movie will have) then alternately argues and pep-talks its way to survival. There’s the wimpy girl, Nonie, who squeals and cries, and hysterically shrieks “I can’t go on!” a lot. There’s Ernest Borgnine, the cop who marries a former hooker. There are others too, the usual stereotypes who come together and forget their differences to argue, die and offer words of encouragement in an effort to reach a common goal. I’m sniffing already.

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