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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


The Netflix synopsis for this movie promised a “lovelorn college student” who “spends his night lusting after his straight roommate.” That sounds titillating! I thought to myself. Well… it was. Smith (Dekker) and his friends at an unnamed liberal arts school (which is apparently UC San Diego) have lots of hawtt bisexual sex until of them turns out to be possessed or something. Oh and there’s a conspiracy theory, a mysterious cult, and one of them is the “chosen” one… and there are nuclear bombs. But most of this is only addressed in the final 15 minutes of the film. There’s just so much shagging to attend to first! Who has time for the apocalypse?

This movie was produced in 2010… yet I found myself wondering why all the music and the actors’ outfits seemed so… 1990s. The answer is: Gregg Araki, the visionary who gave us The Doom Generation and Nowhere, both masterpieces of the jaded, drug-fueled 90s. But, nihilism, shoegazer rock and 60s floral prints don’t scan anymore; Kids These Days are into banjo music, artisanal pickling and viral Vimeo videos of their engagement proposals. This film’s characters were so firmly rooted in the past, I half-expected them to show up in big pants, waving glowsticks around their heads and sucking on pacifiers.

Subtract the sex scenes (they are many, and they are indeed hot) and you’re left with a hastily-constructed apocalypse that climaxes prematurely.